Book Review – The Obesity Myth

I’ve been promoting this book for years.  I’m sure at this point a new edition is in order as new studies have come out that further prove Paul Campos’ point that Americans are so obsessed with weight that even the FDA is willing to cash in on the paranoia.  The Obesity Myth takes an in depth look into skewed studies twisted in order to sell harmful diet pills in the name of health, and also helps the reader breath for a minute, let go of weight anxiety and realize that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t equate to thinness.

I walk 2-4 miles every other day and hike about 5-10 miles on the weekends.  I eat locally grown whole foods, and I’m 280lbs.  I’ve been a dancer my whole life and also overweight my whole life.  When ever I visit the doctor they’re amazed at how healthy I am.  But they still never fail to blame any aches and pains I have on being fat.  The prejudice runs deep and who can blame them when the studies they read to get their degree have been manipulated to benefit drug companies.

This book is a great read for any fattie trying to have an intelligent debate with a fat-phobic or otherwise thin obsessed person who is “really just worried about you and only wants you to live a long and healthy life.”



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