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I’m going to need mud boots in Ohio.

Tomorrow I’m moving to Ohio for love and chickens.  I’m obsessed with eggs and in love with a podcaster I met on Facebook (great story, remind me to tell you all about it over a bloody marry and eggs benedict sometime).  Anyhoo, I came to visit my guy and his family for the holidays, woke up to this sunrise and decided leaving was not an option.  In a few hours I’ll fly back to California, pack up my Jeep and drive back here to shack up with my podcaster.  First thing we’re doing is getting chickens!  Then we’re starting a blog!  I’m totally excited and totally terrified.  I’m a city girl. I’ve been programed to think that America is California and New York and all those states in between populated with people who have no idea what a korean bath house is.  I’ve lived in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.   I thought I’d live in Spain next or some farm on the European country side, or Tokyo.  Did you know that in the middle of America you can buy a house for $200,000?  I mean a big house…with land!  And cool people live in the Midwest! I’ve been surprised at how awesome Columbus is!  I’ve had dim sum, shopped at a Japanese market, sipped on the tastiest dirty chai served up by a handlebar-mustached hipster, gawked at the North Market’s Indian saag, Polish perogis, poultry butcher’s fois gras, and boba teas…delicious confirmations I’ve made the right decision.   Plus not every person you meet is in a band or working for a record label. How refreshing.  

It’s pretty muddy here though, so I’m going to need a pair of boots so cute it will make pinterest weep.  The calf size of Hunter’s back adjustable boots range from 15″ to 18″.   I wear a size 20 dress, a size 11 shoe and my calves are 17.5″…SUCCESS!  I will just barely fit into the Cadillac of rain boots.  My niece Nikki (who just moved to Taipei) says I should get black.   It’s so nati of me to be thinking about my new midwest wardrobe while faced with another uprooting.  But that’s how the nati abides.   And these boots will really tie the wardrobe together, man.

Here are a few things I’m gonna need:



Modcloth has a GREAT selection of outerwear!











I’ve always wanted a 70’s inspired midwestern coat.
Something Lavern and Shirley would wear 49 seconds into the theme song!


So…wish me luck!
If you live in Ohio, hit me up!
If you have wardrobe ideas, send me a link!  







Fluvia and Carmakoma – two greats shapes that look great together

“You got Fluvia in my Carmakoma….you got Carmakoma in my Fluvia!!!”
Like peanut butter and chocolate, there’s no wrong way to pair them up.

If you don’t already know, Carmakoma is a euro-modern basic-black plus-size clothing line for the punk rock at heart. I’ve been a fan for years, but have always been a little bit too big to buy from them (that and they’re price point is $100-200, but I’d gladly pay that for well constructed detail oriented forward thinking designs).
In all their wisdom, they use two models every season, one at a size 14 to show the low end sizing and an 18 to show the high end. I’ve been suggesting they use Fluvia Lacerda to model their line via twitter and facebook…looks like they finally got the hint. Check out this dope image video they made…looks like video killed the photograph star…is this the MTV revolution of the lookbook? The only thing missing from this is Fluvia breaking out into song. Yeah, I’m totally jealous. If I looked like her, I’d have a Grammy by now.