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I’m going to need mud boots in Ohio.

Tomorrow I’m moving to Ohio for love and chickens.  I’m obsessed with eggs and in love with a podcaster I met on Facebook (great story, remind me to tell you all about it over a bloody marry and eggs benedict sometime).  Anyhoo, I came to visit my guy and his family for the holidays, woke up to this sunrise and decided leaving was not an option.  In a few hours I’ll fly back to California, pack up my Jeep and drive back here to shack up with my podcaster.  First thing we’re doing is getting chickens!  Then we’re starting a blog!  I’m totally excited and totally terrified.  I’m a city girl. I’ve been programed to think that America is California and New York and all those states in between populated with people who have no idea what a korean bath house is.  I’ve lived in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.   I thought I’d live in Spain next or some farm on the European country side, or Tokyo.  Did you know that in the middle of America you can buy a house for $200,000?  I mean a big house…with land!  And cool people live in the Midwest! I’ve been surprised at how awesome Columbus is!  I’ve had dim sum, shopped at a Japanese market, sipped on the tastiest dirty chai served up by a handlebar-mustached hipster, gawked at the North Market’s Indian saag, Polish perogis, poultry butcher’s fois gras, and boba teas…delicious confirmations I’ve made the right decision.   Plus not every person you meet is in a band or working for a record label. How refreshing.  

It’s pretty muddy here though, so I’m going to need a pair of boots so cute it will make pinterest weep.  The calf size of Hunter’s back adjustable boots range from 15″ to 18″.   I wear a size 20 dress, a size 11 shoe and my calves are 17.5″…SUCCESS!  I will just barely fit into the Cadillac of rain boots.  My niece Nikki (who just moved to Taipei) says I should get black.   It’s so nati of me to be thinking about my new midwest wardrobe while faced with another uprooting.  But that’s how the nati abides.   And these boots will really tie the wardrobe together, man.

Here are a few things I’m gonna need:



Modcloth has a GREAT selection of outerwear!











I’ve always wanted a 70’s inspired midwestern coat.
Something Lavern and Shirley would wear 49 seconds into the theme song!


So…wish me luck!
If you live in Ohio, hit me up!
If you have wardrobe ideas, send me a link!  







Book Review – The Obesity Myth

I’ve been promoting this book for years.  I’m sure at this point a new edition is in order as new studies have come out that further prove Paul Campos’ point that Americans are so obsessed with weight that even the FDA is willing to cash in on the paranoia.  The Obesity Myth takes an in depth look into skewed studies twisted in order to sell harmful diet pills in the name of health, and also helps the reader breath for a minute, let go of weight anxiety and realize that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t equate to thinness.

I walk 2-4 miles every other day and hike about 5-10 miles on the weekends.  I eat locally grown whole foods, and I’m 280lbs.  I’ve been a dancer my whole life and also overweight my whole life.  When ever I visit the doctor they’re amazed at how healthy I am.  But they still never fail to blame any aches and pains I have on being fat.  The prejudice runs deep and who can blame them when the studies they read to get their degree have been manipulated to benefit drug companies.

This book is a great read for any fattie trying to have an intelligent debate with a fat-phobic or otherwise thin obsessed person who is “really just worried about you and only wants you to live a long and healthy life.”



Abercrombie & Fitch Gets a Brand Readjustment #FitchTheHomeless

If you haven’t heard about the latest news in size discrimination…just Google “Ambercrombie & Fitch CEO” and “Cool Kids”.  I guess the PR department thought it would be a good idea to say that AF is exclusively for the thinest and coolest kids.  They only hire hot kids to work the stores and they burn their returned clothes instead of donating them.

The displays of outrage have been amazing!   From Kirstie Alley‘s public slam, to people mailing back their AF clothes with a letter saying they’ll boycott the line to this guy handing out AF apparel to the homeless.  I LOVE this campaign!   Everyone should do it…take the AF out of their closets and give it to the less fortunate.  I don’t expect Abercrombie & Fitch to be all inclusive.  If they don’t want to service bodies over a size 10, that’s fine with me.  My feeling is if you only offer certain sizes, just spin it in a positive way.  It’s the negative effects of a disgusting and sloppy PR scandal that disturbs me.  It’s ok to not carry a size 12, but you don’t need to fuel a thinspo epidemic.

Side thought: I hope they don’t pass a law obligating companies to include all customers.
I prefer creative activism to passing laws.



Weight for the bus

In the Netherlands a gym called Fitness First thought it would be a good idea to turn a bus stop bench into a scale and publicize the weight of unsuspecting public transport riders. I guess they thought this would somehow inspire healthy hopefuls to sign up for their gym.



Ninja Betty and the Nunchix challenge stereotypes!

A feminist electroclash lady band with a plus size lead singer writing tribute songs to lesbians and powerful women of all shapes and sizes…I’d say my band is pretty radtastically awesome.

Our new music video is about LOVE and family portraiture! What better way to level the playing field than expressing every kind of love possible in front of the unbias camera…no one can tell you not to take a picture with the one you LOVE!!!

this is CHARGE ME UP! enjoy!


Comfort Wipe REEEEEEMIX!!!!

just in case you missed the link below…here is the REMIX!
I contacted the author and requested he enable embedding…
so here you go…thank me now…kiss me later!


Comfort Wipe – for to poop on.

now watch the REMIX!!!!


you’re welcome.


The Voice is God’s Gift to Fat Singers

I’ve never been a fan of reality TV singing competitions. They’re so grossly calculated and fake, only casting “types” they know will pull the audience in and up their ratings. I prefer scrappy tales of the under dog triumphant. Like Susan Boyle and now Casey Withoos. GO CASEY!!! of course I give a lot of credit to Regina Spektor for writing a song that tugs at the heart strings…also Domino Dollhouse for dressing her up.

I’m not ignoring the fact that fat is a hot topic and that the pulling the fat card is also a calculated move by producers these days…but I’m still touched.


It’s OK, Torrid…We Have Domino Dollhouse Now


Lets talk business, about filling a gap in the market, about Domino Dolhouse dresses hanging neatly in the closets of fat betties with pink hair and cat eyeliner who used to shop at Torrid before Torrid went the way of Trendy Fashionista (god i hate the word fashionista).  I just love it when I hear tough chicks lamenting the days of early Torrid then in the same breath saying “thank GOD for Domino Dollhouse”.  


Sure,  Tracy Broxterman‘s timing is spot on, catering to the girls that madeTorrid and Hot Topic one of the fastest growing fashion retailers of the first decade of the new millenium, but it’s her sincerity that makes the line special.    Mixing vintage, pin up, a dash of goth and a dollop of chola, Domino Dollhouse is one of the few true fashion experiences for plus size betties, giving them a chance to wear a designer’s point of view rather than a homogenized shopping mall brand loyal only to what’s selling at the moment.  I hope all you plus-size designer hopefuls  out there take a cue from Domino Dollhouse and make what you love.  Not just what a trending report tells you to make.


With that said, I found this super cute dress at Torrid and I gotta say
“KUDOS, TORRID!”  you must have read a trending report or two cuz this








Fluvia and Carmakoma – two greats shapes that look great together

“You got Fluvia in my Carmakoma….you got Carmakoma in my Fluvia!!!”
Like peanut butter and chocolate, there’s no wrong way to pair them up.

If you don’t already know, Carmakoma is a euro-modern basic-black plus-size clothing line for the punk rock at heart. I’ve been a fan for years, but have always been a little bit too big to buy from them (that and they’re price point is $100-200, but I’d gladly pay that for well constructed detail oriented forward thinking designs).
In all their wisdom, they use two models every season, one at a size 14 to show the low end sizing and an 18 to show the high end. I’ve been suggesting they use Fluvia Lacerda to model their line via twitter and facebook…looks like they finally got the hint. Check out this dope image video they made…looks like video killed the photograph star…is this the MTV revolution of the lookbook? The only thing missing from this is Fluvia breaking out into song. Yeah, I’m totally jealous. If I looked like her, I’d have a Grammy by now.